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What did you do this year to make it count?

What makes you look back at 2017 and think “damn, that was awesome”? What story makes your eyes shine brighter and your smile become more sincere as you tell it? Maybe it’s a memory, a person, a moment or all of these things mixed together into a glimpse of the past in your mind. These moments might be remembered with some nostalgia, with the purest happiness there is or even with sadness because you can’t go back, but all you know is that everything else was worth it because of that moment.

Maybe this year was not your best year, and there isn’t something that makes you think that it was really worth it, but well, you’re here right? That’s something to be grateful for, despite any bad memory you might be reflecting on as you read this, any challenge you were faced with or any person that caused you harm, you are still here, you overcame it, you carried on with your life. And, hey! That’s what matters, that is a reason to be happy and grateful.

However, when I ask you to reflect on a moment that made you happy this year, I want you to think about the people who were with you in that moment, how much of the happiness you felt then was caused by them and how meaningful their presence was to you in that moment in time. Now, try to reflect on how many people you had a positive impact on this year, how many people might remember you in their special moment or even who had their special moment caused by you.

My special moment this year was joining a youth organisation. In it, I met people who have a lot in common with me but at the same time, come from different realities, people who are there everyday to challenge me and be there for me at the same time. I lived experiences that made me grow in ways I never thought were possible. But most importantly, I managed to cause an impact in the world and in the reality of where I live in. Just reflecting on those moments, those people, and the smiles that were put on people’s faces and thinking that I had something to do with that, makes all the challenges seem minimal.

Are any of your happy moments this year linked to other people’s happiness? More importantly than asking yourself what you did to make your year count is asking yourself what you did to make other people’s year count. Living experiences in different places of the world, places who remove you from your comfort zone and where you volunteer and help people with no physical return, is one os the best ways to make people’s years count! And, if, like myself, you are moved by other people’s happiness, I guarantee that you will look back at this moment as something that made your whole year worth it!

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