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Why Youth?

Most of the people in my community are too comfortable in their own lives. They don’t take much time to step outside of their own lifestyles and consider what life is like for other people in the country and around the world. Our schools do not effectively educate the general population of students on international issues, current world affairs and global poverty levels. There are far too many young people in my community who are ignorant about the state of the world in which we live.

Youth ought to be taught about the major issues that the world is facing and need to be encouraged to get involved through activism. Youth needs to be educated on the roles that they play in the global community and how they can best utilize advocacy to fight for the causes they care about. I know from firsthand experience that getting involved in both local and national leadership programs have been some of the most eye-opening and rewarding opportunities of my life. As a young person with leadership experience under my belt, I feel that I am equipped and morally obligated to help empower other young people to stand up and to speak out.

Some don’t understand that youth is the backbone of the world. We can change the future of society with our well being and courageous behaviour. We are here to be taken seriously, to be part of the serious issues that our world is facing and to be part of the solution that will make it better. The vision of our country lies in our hands. We are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. It will be a great wastage of human resources if these we are not given an opportunity to exercise our talent. This beautiful land needs us in order for it to become a brighter one.

The role of the youth is the most important in today’s time. We have underplayed ourselves, leaving the responsibility to our leaders, but when they step out, what’s going to happen? We are the ones holding the future of the world in our hands. It’s up to us whether we save our planet and start changing lives or continue wasting our capacity watching as others do with it what they please.

I am standing up for the world, and you?

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