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Youth creating better cities for the future

UrbanAction Campaign


What is it?

A global campaign to encourage young people all over the world to take action in their cities to advance SDGs particularly in the urban context and support the implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA).


For Whom?

Young people! For the first time ever, youth were recognized as stakeholders in the NUA drafting process and are frequently referred to throughout the document. They are critical players in the successful turnaround of NUA from paper to reality.



The power of 1.8 billion is not just in its volume! Young people’s enormous potential, capacity, passion, and drive are the reasons for our fight to bring youth to the forefront of action that follows the adoption of the NUA.

The race is long and constant, with many milestones ahead

To help young people to become the first NUA implementing partners and advance 2030 Agenda in the urban contextation of the SDGs. To strengthen youth empowerment and enhance their capacity and meaningful participation in local governance for more inclusive urban planning and sustainable urban development. To provide young people with opportunities to actively participate in urban life and be part of community and city transformation and development.To inspire, empower, engage and support young people to become active citizens. To celebrate and recognize young people’s achievements and contribution towards better urban future.

What we aim for urgab action y4gg

This is meant for cities and towns of all sizes and shapes around the world.

The adoption of the New Urban Agenda in Quito marked the beginning of the #UrbanAction



Small and large-scale youth-led projects contributing to achieving the SDGs in urban context and implementing the New Urban Agenda.



Effective partnerships with local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to support the implementation of the #Urban Action projects, maximize their positive impact on the local community and increase their contribution towards SDGs and NUA.



Multifunctional platform to share projects, discuss ideas and inspire more young people to take #Urban Action. A place to play and make a difference.


Social media game revolves around all SDGs and their relation to SDG 11. The main mission is to create better cities while fighting challenges along the way. 16 challenges posted weekly shall contribute to creating nicer, safer, more resilient and more sustainable cities, thus not only be hitting SDG 11. but also significantly contributing to implementing the New Urban Agenda.

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