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Youth4GG Series

Do you want to know what it is like to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? Follow our 10 AIESEC volunteers, with 9 stories in 9 countries in the second season of Youth 4 Global Goals: The Series, sponsored by PwC!


During July-September 2017, AIESEC and PwC mobilized 10 young leaders from all over the world to volunteer abroad for the Sustainable Development Goals for the first series. In July-September 2018, we mobilized again 10 young leaders to do the same in the Global Volunteer Fund! Want to know what it is like to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? Watch their stories!

This summer we are looking for the next generation of leaders that will take the challenge to go out of their comfort zone and work for a bigger purpose.

Watch the second season and the ‘Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life?’ Special episodes of this season now!

Daniela Zapata & Sabino Hernandez

Can 6 weeks change your life? Daniela and Sabino went to support the Kibera Hamlets center children in an educational project and gender equality in Kenya and answer those questions in 6 weeks of episodes. Hear their story of 6 chapters, one for each week, captured by Sabino in January and February 2019!

Watch Episode 1: Real Africa of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!
Watch Episode 2: Gender Equality of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!
Watch Episode 3: Adaptation of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!
Watch Episode 4: Quality Education of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!
Watch Episode 5: The White Savior of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!
Watch Episode 6: Personal Growth of 'Can 6 Weeks Change Your Life' now!

Ebad Rehman

Follow Ebad in his experience in Turkey, supporting street animals in Istanbul to contribute to Life on Land!

Watch Ebad's Story now!

Katarina Eric

Katarina supported Quality Education in her project in Tanzania, by teaching young children.

Watch Katarina's Story now!

Andrea Apostolo

In a rainforest in Costa Rica, Andrea contributed to Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action!

Watch Andrea's Story now!

Maria Bouzeghoub

In Malaysia, Maria found her passion in supporting development of young children and their community.

Watch Maria's Story now!

Maria Beatriz Vilela

In Jaipur, India, Maria Beatriz found her passion in the education of young children. See her story!

Watch Maria Beatriz' Story now!

Egor Bahin

Contributing to Climate Action in Mexico at first, it ended with supporting the community elsewise! 

Watch Egor's Story now!

Cynthia Kamau

Contributing her web designer skills for the better and supporting Innovation, Cynthia supported a local project in Egypt.

Watch Cynthia's Story Now!

Larissa Mansur

In the monastery in Myanmar, Larissa was teaching every day during her project of contributing to Quality Education.

Watch Larissa's Story Now!

Want to #LiveTheExperience like them and volunteer abroad?

Live a cross-cultural volunteer experience by working 6-8 weeks on projects directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Take action upon the Goal that matters the most to you while developing yourself and contributing where it matters. Open up towards the possibility to impact, create, teach, and travel!

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We are happy to work together for activating youth for the Sustainable Development Goals together with our partner PwC. If you are interested in the current opportunities between AIESEC and PwC have a look below!

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