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SDG X: Youth Unemployment

We’ve all seen the numbers; a billion or so of young people around the world, and 300 million of them unemployed. Awareness had been raised, stories have been shared, youth are struggling in the job market. Initiatives and solutions have sprung up to address this situation as using education as a tool; educating more girls, educating in times of crisis, quality learning, early childhood education, enlisting more investment in global education. 

This week in SDG X is a novel writing initiative to keep the network and the blog’s loyal readers up-to-date with a brief collection of news directly related to the Global Goals.


Week of 25.09.2017

Decent Work and Economic Growth

ILO: Youth and Employment in North Africa Conference

According to the International Labor Organization, youth unemployment in North Africa is twice the global average; there exists a low economic participation amongst youth. In order to address the future of youth employment in North Africa the ILO hosted a two-day conference in Geneva this past week entitled the “Youth and Employment in North Africa” that included participants from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia. Stakeholders were also involved to discuss five-year plans that could help enhance employability amongst youth.

Amongst the topics discussed in panels and sessions were:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Policies of the job market
  • Workers’ rights
  • Enhancing skills for higher employability
  • Focusing on financing employability
  • Governance of youth employment

The above is important because it addresses aspects that AIESEC’s Youth Global Employability brought forth as the importance of investment, soft skills as communication, fostering innovation and multiculturalism.

The Youth Global Employability report will be released by AIESEC showcases a better understanding of the problem and how it should be approached in accordance to what the job market and youth alike need.

What’s your take on solving youth unemployability?

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