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Protecting The Future of Children

As fast-paced and ever-growing our world is, with advancing technologies and developed ideologies, if there is one contributing factor toward it that is certain, it undeniably is education. Education, needless to say, is a necessity that drives a person to be able to learn, speak for himself and do greater things in order to be able to make an impact or to merely reach their self-actualisation level.

This week in SDG X is a novel writing initiative to keep the network and the blog’s loyal readers up-to-date with a brief collection of news directly related to the Global Goals.

As the growing concern for displaced children takes limelight this week with UNHCR, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala, says “access to education is needed to protect displaced children both now and in the future”. Particularly focusing on the Iraqis in Hasansham U3 camp where there is home to 7,600 displaced Iraqis by the conflict in Mosul.

An alarming amount of 350, 000 children are not enrolled in school all around Iraq as the problems they face to gain education like difficulty in studying inside tents with shortage of books and stationery contribute towards the decline.

The UNHCR has now, thus, taken into consideration an increase in funding towards education while support from social media from all over the world was seen. A much needed wake up call was thrown to the public.

We need to identify quality education as a goal in order to be able to see a bright future, a responsible youth, a meaningful childhood. It is our responsibility to help enable the goal where every child receives 12 years of education, where everyone has equal access to education since it is the only major thing that gets a person employed leading to a secure future.

SDG 4 strives to empower children by giving them quality education. Malala Yousufzai says “One child. One teacher. One book. And one pen. Can change the World.” So when are you taking a stand?

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