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Partnerships 4 The Goals

Uniting Efforts for a Better World

Youth 4 Global Goals Overview


people were reached through our digital campaigns


young people were engaged in YouthSpeak Forums


young leaders were mobilized to volunteer for the SDGs

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AIESEC Global Annual Report

Learn more about the impact we create through our programs and the way we operate.

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How our Partnerships can Change The World

By the end of 2030, the world should become a better place for all. In order to achieve this ambition, we need to collaborate across different sectors and leave no one behind. Young people should be a centerpiece of this collaboration to activate their energy, dynamism, and creativity to help to achieve the Global Goals.

Opportunities For Collaboration


Together with our partners, we develop consumer-facing digital campaigns that enable companies to show their support for one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Funding Development Projects

We engage a wide range of partners to co-create and support the development projects contributing to the SDGs run by our network of youth volunteers across 120+ countries.

Global Volunteer Scholarships

We work with organizations to give an opportunity for every young person to experience volunteering abroad for the cause they believe in and develop their leadership skills.

YouthSpeak Forum Partnerships

1000+ partners worldwide work with our network to participate in YouthSpeak Forums. This gives a chance to create purposeful engagement with youth and build a strong CSR profile.


For the first time ever, youth were recognized as stakeholders in the New Urban Agenda. UN Habitat partnered with AIESEC to run a global campaign to encourage young people all over the world to take action in their cities to advance the SDGs particularly in the urban context.

Check UrbanAction Campaign

Electrolux was involved in developing a Sustainability initiative together with AIESEC, aligned with the SDGs through their strategy “For the better”. Electrolux has established a fund to support projects aligned to SDG #2 Zero Hunger and SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Production. The company engages AIESEC international volunteers to realize the project activities. Currently the projects are run in Sweden, Malaysia and Brazil, as well as plans to expand to 4 new countries in 2018.

Read about Feed the Planet projects

Since 2016, PwC Global and PwC Germany supported 66 young people to volunteer abroad in projects aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. By enabling these cross-cultural volunteering experiences for young leaders and showcasing them on different social media, PwC contributed to raising awareness for AIESEC’s actions towards the SDGs. Over the last 2 years, over 4.000 people were impacted through the work of volunteers and 500.000 young people were reached through the campaign activities.

Get to know the PwC Global Volunteers

In 2015-2016, AIESEC partnered with ADB to align AIESEC social projects with the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this partnership, 10.000 international volunteers advanced the SDGs across Asia Pacific. Together with ADB and Plan International, AIESEC was running the research to identify the tangible impact of youth on the SDGs. Additionally, AIESEC volunteers (Youth 4 Asia team) are working on the implementation of ADB’s youth strategy and initiatives in Asia Pacific region.

Watch how ADB is engaging youth in its work
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