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Moving towards the change: Life on Land

As important as we know environmental conservation to be, there are not enough initiatives taken in order to lead a sustainable life. The plants, animals and the entire eco system is in dire need to be preserved for life to sustain. The oceans and the forests are synonymous to oxygen as with the end of those, will be the end of us.

This week in SDG X is a novel writing initiative to keep the network and the blog’s loyal readers up-to-date with a brief collection of news directly related to the Global Goals.

One of the biggest companies, however, that has taken a step forward throughout the years to work towards conservation has been Puma. It has become the first company in the world to put a value on the eco services it uses to produce its sports shoes and clothes, embarking onto a radical change in the way the businesses will account for its use of natural resources.

It has said: “Puma and PPR Home will look to play a catalytic role in raising awareness that the current business model is outdated and needs decisive reforms, forging partnerships and collaborations to explore new and innovative ways to differentially attribute the responsibilities and equitably share the costs of these, while building capacity at suppliers’ factories and developing new materials and products.”

Companies such as Puma making progressive advances towards the SDGs helps motivate a lot of others to be a part of the change globally. It is thus in the best of interests of everyone to go sustainable as it not only enables us to save the future but bring out the best of us in many ways.

It is very important that we understand how effective it is to be a supporter of life on land because without environment our survival too becomes a question. So take a stand and spread awareness for there are numbered days and a change to bring that is beneficial for all.

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