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I'm Youth 4 Global Goals, Are You?

In many ways, most of us know that the world is breaking apart and there’s help required and yet only a few of us actually take a step towards building it back. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, we fail. But what really matters is that we tried.

I’m Saadia and I’m 19 years old. I belong to a city with fascinating traditions called Hyderabad in India. I have been writing for Youth 4 Global Goals since quite some time now and I’ve covered various SDG’s and made an effort towards raising awareness for people to take action. For a change, I was asked to write on what Youth4GlobalGoals actually represents to me as a young person. So I’m going to share my story with you today.

The country that I belong to must have already ringed a bell in your ear. Words like poverty, hunger, discrimination and dirt must have already made a place in your mind before I began. And to be honest, I’d keep aside all deceptions and agree with you. A lot of people in my country are educated and civilised. A lot of us are working toward change but it is not enough.

Walking on the footpath in India is not an easy job. An enormous amount of beggars are seen on our roads. There will be children who haven’t eaten healthy food for days. There are unsanitary footpaths and sleeping on them at night are homeless women and children and if that doesn’t dishearten you, I don’t know what will.

Seeing all of this on a daily basis does not obviously make one happy. As a child, I’ve seen the struggle before my eyes and felt the agony of not being able to do anything about it. And like any other responsible citizen of the world, I wanted to find a way to help too. I’m sure that if you’ve lived in a 3rd world country, then you too have seen the adverse effects of it.

The United Nations devised Sustainable Development Goals for countries like mine to develop and prosper but there were always far too less ways to get involved with the UN directly. As a young person who wants to see a change in the world, who wanted children of my streets to not go hungry as they sleep, Youth 4 Global Goals comes as a ray of hope.

The fact that it allows young people to engage in sustaining a better world by taking direct action towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is an opportunity I will always be grateful for as to me it represents harmony, peace, understanding of people and their conflicts and a golden way to be able to help and become better leaders.

Youth4GlobalGoals represents not one superhero but an entire troop of youth out there taking a stand and there’s nothing more proud than being able to contribute towards it. To know that through some way or the other, I’m fighting to eradicate poverty, to erase hunger, to end discrimination and so much more.

I’m Saadia and I’m 19 years old. I am a world citizen, I’m Youth4GlobalGoals and this is your chance to be one too.

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