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What the hell is the human rights day?!

If, like me, you had no idea what the human rights day is or have minimal knowledge about it, this article is directed at you, my friend.


Because this is something that is extremely important for the development of our society and although it is not publicised enough, if you want to make a difference in any way towards your society, it is important to have some knowledge about this. And even if you already know what this is about, you can never have enough knowledge on a topic as important as human rights and their development in our society.

This day happens yearly on the 10th of december since 1948, when the United Nations first adopted the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. This year they began a year-long campaign to commemorate 70 years of this event in 2018. The Declaration is translated in more than 500 languages and talks about how every human has the right to be treated equally despite their colour, gender, orientation, race or any other defining characteristic. This brings a great importance to acceptance of other people’s differences and respect for all.

As the young generation, the one capable of making a positive change for the future society and the one who has the power to make the new generations live in a more tolerant, equal world, we have to not only get to know about important events like this, but also take part in them. Although we have made some progress, it is our duty to empower the people amongst us, make them feel equal despite their differences and make these rights as relevant today as they were in 1948.

We need to take part in events that contribute towards these types of developments, even if minor ones. The concept behind this day is the concept behind most of the values adopted by some youth organisations, and one of the ways you can help develop these values in our society is by having the enriching experience of stepping out of your comfort zone, volunteering in a different country for a period of time and feeling first-hand the difference in people and the necessity of treating them as equals despite that!

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