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Happy birthday, United Nations!

On the last 24th of October, the United Nations celebrated its 72nd birthday! The organization first came into existence officially in 1945 after the second world war, replacing the failed league of nations with the purpose of maintaining peaceful and friendly relations in between the member countries.

Since then, the UN has grown, lots of countries have joined the alliance and many of their purposes and perspectives on recent global issues have improved. But, to what extent is the UN investing and impacting in the generation that has the power to really affects our future, the millennials?

As a young adult who is currently about to enter the job market, I have little knowledge about the UN. However the little knowledge that I do have is very positive and is about amazing ways they are trying to make a difference and impact the society. One thing I do know about, is the SDGs. The SDGs are 17 development goals designed towards improving various social issues until 2030. One way that they integrate these SDGs with the younger generation is through AIESEC. The SDGs are one of AIESEC’s basis and the global volunteer programs executed are designed around them. Through that, the younger generation is able to practice some of the purposes that the UN starts for, either by working for AIESEC or by doing having a volunteer experience and the UN is also able to cause a positive impact in their lives.

They have teams working on all the SGDs, including teams composed by young ambassadors like Emma Watson, who works with gender equality mainly. The UN is currently working on a project to impact the lives of various young women around the world that is aimed at diminishing all forms of violence against women and girls. It is a global, long-term project named the Spotlight Initiative. Another initiative done by the UN is the Zero Hunger Challenge, aimed at SDG 2. It was initiated in 2012 by the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and reflects five elements from the SDGs which work to, overall, end hunger and construct sustainable food organisms for everyone. This initiative has already helped build nutrition systems for those who need it and is still currently working to get more people involved in solving world hunger.

Besides AIESEC, the UN has various proposals and plans which young people can get involved, they just aren’t very publicised. I have recently learned more about many things that the UN does and recommend that everyone does the same!

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