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Demanding Justice #NotATarget

For an effective sustainable development to be procured, it is necessary for peace and justice to be on the forefront of matters. In the increasingly divided world of injustice that we live in, only some regions enjoy sustained levels of peace security and prosperity while the others face adverse conditions of conflicts and violence.


This week in SDG X is a novel writing initiative to keep the network and the blog’s loyal readers up-to-date with a brief collection of news directly related to the Global Goals.


Armed conflict has caused harm to millions of people around the world. People are forced to leave their homes, to flee and in many cases die. From old men to children, there is no mercy shown. SDG 16 aims to eradicate armed violence, maintain security and build a world where speaking our minds doesn’t threaten our lives.


In order to raise a voice against this, the UN celebrates the 19th of August as The World Humanitarian Day to bring world leaders to do everything in their power to protect the millions of civilians trapped in conflict because the world is just not doing enough to stop their suffering and turmoil.


The World Humanitarian Day 2017 is commemorating the campaign #NotATarget wherein all humanitarian partners are coming together to reaffirm that civilians are not a target and we need more action to stop the crisis they are in. Voices to advocate for the most vulnerable in war zones will be raised together in events held around the world along with a global online campaign featuring an innovating partnership with Facebook Live.
There is need for more awareness regarding the same. There is need for the entire world to come together against the violence. There is need for leaders to take bigger actions. There is need for you and I to stop feeling just sorry and taking a stand. Perhaps then a world with peace and justice can be established. For the wailing of the affected people may sometimes be suppressed under faraway borders but it’s time we resonate and do something about it.

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