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Dear future generations

Dear future generations,

Let me challenge your imagination. As you know earth is 4.5 billion years old and mankind is around 140000 years old. If we convert the age of earth into 24 hours then human race has lived on it only for 3 seconds.

We call ourselves Homo sapiens meaning wise man, but are we that wise?


We could drive earth to the edge within 3 seconds of our existence. We are used to the fact that Earth is a perfect place to live in. It has all necessary conditions to exist for billions of years. We have liquid water on surface, not very thin and not very thick layer of atmosphere, proper pressure and temperature.

But why it happens so that we cannot use what we have in a smart way and the Mother Earth is being destroyed by her own children? Is the only reason our will to have a comfortable life?

We should never forget that every action has an equal reaction! Do we really want to have book full of pictures of trees but our kids will never even know what is it? Do we want to be sorry to future generations for burning and cutting the trees that “just” provides us with AIR?  Do we want to destroy the trees for money that has so many leafs printed on it? 


We should be sorrow that most of us do not care about tomorrow.

For past several years it became really popular to film movies about superman, batman, Iron man and many other. We as human beings are waiting for a knight in shining armours to show up and save us all, but we forget that it is responsibility of each one of us to be the man that will take the action to not to save the world but to recreate it.

We must do something about the pollution otherwise pollution is going to something about us.

Garbage Collectors

We need to put the power of change back into the hands of the people. If millions of us will support the effort of protecting the Mother Nature we can really do something about climate change and environmental destruction. Only through the collective actions of us all will we have a future full of trees that are full of life, and life full of harmony. Only like this we can actually make it to the 4th second.

Best regards,

Your present self.

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