The Sustainable
Development Goals

The world’s largest commitment for a better world.

What makes these goals unique?

The Goals are for All

For the first time in history, world’s youth was defined as a primary stakeholder to help governments and other organizations achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by the end of 2030. The goals have three primary characteristics:


It doesn’t matter where you come from, the Goals are relatable to every reality.


The Goals are interconnected and have a balance amongst the economic, social, and environment dimensions.


It is not only a United Nations or Government thing, we should all work for our future.

Dive into the goals and discover
which topic drives you the most.

The Global Goals

for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals are frequently referred to as the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, just the Global Goals or Agenda 2030. The uniqueness of the Goals is that everyone can find a Goal to support and advocate for as they touch upon every possible aspect of the life of an individual. Youth 4 Global Goals translates the sophisticated language into simple examples relatable to everyday lifestyle choices of a young person.

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You might think we still have a lot of time, the fact is that the clock is ticking!